Today’s International Woman Mission Statement


Today’s International Woman is more than a pageant.

Today’s International Woman aims to change the way society views true beauty, by focusing on the heart, character and inner beauty of our contestants.

We are a foundation on a mission! We're changing lives one crown at a time, serving God and people with honor and compassion.

Today’s International Woman requires each of our delegates to commit to a pageant platform. This is a cause that is close to their heart, an arena which they are actively working and volunteering in.

We're about missions of kindness and community service to every man, woman, and child.

Last year alone, Today’s International Woman delegates and queens represented over fifty different charities. This is a working pageant. No delegate is awarded a crown to merely allow that crown to sit on a shelf. Each queen logs monthly volunteer hours. In addition to working for the good of her own platform, TIW requires each queen to support a monthly mission such as Childhood Cancer Awareness or Animal Rights and Compassion among many others. Most of our delegates and queens volunteer more than 60 hours per month on average, and many are founders and CEOs of their own charitable organizations.

We are what real beauty is all about, the beauty that emanates from the heart with intelligence, empowerment, high standards and love as our guide.

Today’s International Woman knows that genuine beauty is more than just a nice figure and pretty face. Our pageant considers physical beauty to be the last condition which qualifies a delegate to be crowned.

First, our delegates must be women of integrity, honesty, and pure living. They are not permitted to behave in a manner which is contrary to our core beliefs of faith. We encourage healthy living, community service and a relationship with God to be of utmost importance.

We’re taking missions of community service within our pageant structure to people all across the globe. In doing so, we aim not only to spread awareness of injustice, disease, and poverty- but to empower all people groups affected by these tragedies with hope, courage and practical help.


Adoption, Childhood Cancer Prevention, Downs Syndrome Awareness,  Domestic Violence Awareness, Anti-Bullying, Volunteerism, Animal Rights, Persons with Disabilities Rights; these are just a few examples of the charities and causes which our queens are actively working with on a daily basis.

These are not only causes which we care about, but we’re also doing something to make changes in this world. We support one another’s missions and charities. If a queen in Ohio is collecting school supplies, you can bet the other queens are making donations to that cause. Rather than having a spirit of competition with one another, we’ve adopted a spirit of sisterhood, giving practical help however we can.


We are aware that alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much, and truly change lives for the better! 

Today's International Woman 
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Today's International Woman Pageant Director/Owner reserves the right to combine competition categories, such as Mrs/Ms/Curvy, depending on numbers per group. The Pageant Director/Owner also reserves the right to change any competitions from live to virtual,  from natural disasters or national emergencies, crisis, or other reasons seen fit for the health and safety of our contesants, queens and others. The Pageant Director/Owner reserves the right to make decisions regarding changes to the original  pageant activities, according to the changes needed to be accommodated from protection for contestants, queens and family for natural disasters or national emergencies, crisis, or other reasons seen fit for the health and safety of our contesants, queens and others. 

All rights reserved by the Director/Owner to change the format of the pageant from live to virtual at any given time, as the owner sees necessary. NO refunds NO excuses and NO drama will be accepted.

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