PRIVATE INTERVIEW- Your score is based on how well you show the judges your ability to articulate, show confidence, as well as your overall personality and appearance. Many questions during your interview may come from your judges' platform sheet. It is a 5 minute panel interview.


PLATFORM PRESENTATION This is part II of Interview. You will construct a tri fold poster, displaying your platform and what you do with it. Explicit instructions will be provided. 

EVENING GOWN- Floor length gown any color any style. Your score is based on your poise, posture and overall look, how well your carry yourself as well as how well your choice of gown compliments you.

GLAMOROUS WEAR- This competition is a glamorous outfit of choice, runway worthy. NO swimsuits or denim.


TOP MODEL- This competition is to give you the experience of being a professional model and what all it entails! Is a 2 part competition. Part 1: Portfolio Competition: A compilation of 4 to 10 modeling photos. Be creative! Make yours a selection of PROFESSIONAL HD headshots and full body shots in different outfits and locations. Bring this to pageant registration. Part 2: Runway! Let’s walk the Catwalk with your own design of an outfit, worthy of a red carpet runway. Each part is 50% of the scoring. Entry fee is $150.00


SPOKESMODEL- This competition is a five minute speech about your platform. This is the time to educate others on your platform with information that you would share with others to teach them about your cause. Entry fee is $100.00


TALENT- Are you a dancer? A singer? An instrumentalist? Professionally talented ladies, we will be pleased to see your performance! This is the time to showcase your talent and training! (A piano will not be available) The overall talent winner will have an opportunity to perform their talent during their reign. Entry fee is $100.00


FITNESS/SWIMSUIT COMPETITION – Contestants may choose either swimsuit or an aerobic wear outfit. Swimsuits may be 1 or 2 piece, NO thong, may wear a sarong/cover up.  Swimsuit must cover body parts. (Bootie, chest) You will be judged on body positive fitness. You do not have to be a body builder or a fitness model. This is about confidence, style and promoting positive body images and abillities for ALL sizes. Entry fee is $100


Other Optional Competitions

PHOTOGENIC COMPETITION (Free Entry) - Photogenic competition will be judged by your photo in the program book, by the judges. 



Contestants who choose to enter this optional competition will need to complete the Academic Achievement Form. There will be 2 awards (savings bond) Ages 7 to 17 and 18 and up. Must submit current official transcript  with form. Also must need to know if student is gifted status with educational plan. And, one letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor or upper management from job. 


COMMUNITY SERVICE BOOK (Free Entry)-Contestants may submit a scrapbook of press releases and photos of events that they have participated in during the year, as a TIW state queen.


PRESIDENTIAL VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD (Free Entry)-Contestants who choose to enter this optional competition will need to complete the Volunteer Service forms monthly.


Areas of Competition

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