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Today's International Woman is based out of Greenville , SC.

Scholarship, modeling and many other opportunities are part of our amazing system! Any one can have their dreams come true!! Enter today!

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Your initial application fee is $25.00. Once your appliation is accepted, the balane of the deposit is $125.00. The $25.00 application fee will go towards the $150.00 deposit. This is applied to the total pageant fee of $550.00. Your Showcase Queen Page will be $75.00, making your total entry fee $625.00. We understand that times are not easy and we have many options to pay the balance. You can pay it off in 3 monthly installments, attain sponsors or do fundraisers. Please fill out the online application to begin the process of making YOUR dreams come TRUE! 


*Note: There are no refunds or transfers on fees paid to Today's International Woman Pageants. Thank you. 

Entry Fee Information